June 2018

Silk Market Report

Published July 6, 2018 by Marco Spina


By the end of May, all spring cocoons have been collected at the highest price levels ever witnessed in history. In June, dry Cocoon prices remained at the same level as the month before. . The main raw materials for tops is Kibiso.

The price of silk filament increased around 5% from May to June after a 20% sharp fall from the previous months. Compared with a relatively busy business for silk garments in 2017, this year has been very quiet.

Prices for Tussah silk fibre remain stable and the same accounts for tussah top. However the tussah top quality is better due to a higher quality of the raw silk fibre.

The value of RMB vs USD is decreasing recently therefore the prices of tops are decreasing accordingly.

All in all, raw materials have been stable on both the supply and price side. With the RMB becoming weaker and the silk garment market quieter, prices of silk tops came down to attractive levels for the month of June 2018.