Authentico® is our integrity code !

This project aims to provide our customers a guarantee of complete transparency on wool from the farm to the wool top.

Animal welfare !

Authentico® assures the compliance with the best animal welfare practices. To join to our program Australian wool growers must complete the National Wool Declaration to assess their mulesing status. Our protocol includes Non-Mulesing (NM) and Ceased-Mulesing (CM) . We accept Pain Relief (PR) treatment only in combination with anaesthetic (i.e. Meloxicam)


Authentico® ensures total transparency on the origin as well as the processing of our fibres. Our customers can track the raw material from the farm to their mill.

Best practices !

We aim to minimize the environmental impact of transportation and processing and we provide our customers with details of CO2 emissions, chemical usage and water consumption for each lot. All our products are APEO free and we offer the main certifications including Non-Mulesing, GOTS and OEKOTEX.

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