GOTS Certified Organic Wool from Patagonia

  • GOTS certified organic wool

    We source organic wool and process it in our own GOTS certified combing mill.

  • Mulesing Free

    Due to the sanitary conditions in Argentina, there is no need for mulesing.

  • Traceable

    Our GOTS certified organic wool can be traced easily from the grasslands in Patagonia to your retail shop.

  • Healthy grasslands

    The sheep farms are run in such a way to restore grasslands and keeping soil healthy.

  • High biodiversity

    Organic run farms often show a higher amount of biodiversity, meaning the ecosystem of flora and fauna are intact.

  • High animal welfare standards

    It is of the highest importance to manage our sheep farms under the highest animal welfare standards.

Our company Fuhrmann is based in Trelew in the South of Argentina. At Fuhrmann we implemented a special business strategy by managing our own organic wool farms as well as a GOTS certified wool combing mill. This set up makes it easy for us to trace the wool back to the farm all the way to your production facilities.

In addition to managing our own wool farms, we also source wool from our other Argentinian wool growers which makes us the largest exporter of wool and wool tops in Argentina. This allows us to serve you the quality and quantity of wool you need for your products.

We are also the only top maker who is entirely based in the city of Trelew, in Patagonia, the South of Argentina. Therefore we are closely connected to the farms we work with. Being located close to the wool source keeps transportation distances short and our environmental impact low.

You can learn more about our business in Argentina by visiting the Fuhrmann Website. Also, make sure to check out our company overview to get the full picture of the Schneider Group and our services.

Learn more about our GOTS certified organic wool from Patagonia by watching this video and visiting the Fuhrmann website.