Schneider in the World

The Schneider Group is an international trading and first stage manufacturing network of fine wool, cashmere, silk and precious natural fibres.

Across 8 countries we operate trading offices, wool combing plants, cashmere dehairing plant as well as wool & by-product treatment plants. Find out more about us on this company overview page.

Trading Companies

  • G. Schneider

    G. Schneider is a household name in the trade of fine wool and speciality fibres, supplying the finest spinners and weavers in the world.

    With directly operated buying offices in Australia and New Zealand and sales branches in Europe and China, we offer a just-in-time service to the most discerning customers.

  • Fuhrmann 1735

    Originally based in Amsterdam, Fuhrmann 1735 is the world’s oldest wool trading company.

    Because of its fascinating history and long tradition, Fuhrmann 1735 was acquired by the Schneider Group in 2002 and today it specializes in the production of fine Patagonian wool tops.

  • Servizi & Seta

    Founded in 2008, Servizi & Seta offers an extensive selection of silks, silk blends and linen yarns.

Our Wool Combing Plants

Wool tops and open wool tops ready for delivery closest to you.

Pettinatura di Verrone

Located in the prestigious wool textile district of Biella, Pettinatura di Verrone Srl is a leading combing mill for superfine wool tops and precious animal fibres.

The plant has a maximum production capacity of 3,500 tons of wool tops, 1,000 tons of open tops and 150 tons of cashmere tops.

Pettinatura di Verrone manufactures superfine and ultrafine wools ranging between 10.5 and 18 microns and is equipped for combing and dehairing all sorts of speciality fibres including vicuña, guanaco, alpaca, llama and mohair.

The mill is GOTS and RWS certified.

Mediterranean wool industries

Situated in the bonded area of Sadat City, the mill is in a strategic position to supply the European market with wools coming from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The facility has a total production capacity of 4,500 tons of wool tops ranging between 17.5 and 23.5 micron, as well as 1,500 tons of carbonized noils.

Jiangyin Shenghai Industrial

Located in the world-famous wool manufacturing district of the Jiangsu province, the mill is one of the most technologically advanced combing plants ever built.

The factory has an annual capacity of 5,500 tons, with an average fineness of 18.5 micron. Its wastewater treatment facility ensures the respect of the highest international sustainability standards.

Fuhrmann S.A.

Established in 1998, the Fuhrmann S.A. mill is located in the Patagonian city of Trelew, in the heart of the Chubut province. The factory is GOTS certified and is one of the largest organic wool tops producers at worldwide level with an annual processing capacity of 5,000 tons of tops made from fibres ranging from 17.5 micron to 27 micron and averaging 20.5 micron.

Starting from 2012, Fuhrmann S.A. has set up its own farming division, which manages several farms with a collective population of over 200,000 sheeps. All of these farms are either organic or in the process of becoming such.

Cashmere Dehairing Plant

Monital in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Monital is a dehairing plant for top-quality cashmere situated in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. The plant has a production capacity of 220 tons of APEO-free dehaired cashmere and is one of the few mills in the country featuring a wastewater treatment plant.

Its in-house sorting facility ensures the highest standards of quality and the best control over contamination.

Wool and By-Product Treatment Plants

  • Jiangyin Shenglong Textile

    Shenglong is a shrink-proof processing facility with a total capacity of over 5,000 tons of basolan and superwash treated tops.

  • MWI Carbo Plant

    Situated in the bonded area of Sadat City, the mill is in a strategic position to supply the European market with wools coming from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

    The facility has a production of 1,500 tons of carbonized noils.

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