April 2019


Due to high prices during the last cashmere season, cashmere demand declined noticeably compared to July 2018. During February and March 2019, prices had reduced slightly. However, once the newly harvested greasy cashmere entered the market in April 2019, prices increased once again reaching the high levels of December 2019. Momentarily the market is quiet due to low availability of cashmere, especially finer fibres. Brokers and processors are nevertheless buying the new season’s offerings even though demand further down the supply chain is still poor.


This year the greasy market has opened 13% more expensive compared to last year. Winter has been very dry and without snowfalls, causing high presence of dust, low yield and lower quality in greasy cashmere. The cashmere growing regions have still not had any rain.
Demand for Mongolian cashmere is coming predominantly from China while European buyers have not yet expressed any interest in Mongolian cashmere.


Due to very a very unusual spring climate with cold temperatures as well as rain across the whole country, cashmere goats have not been clipped yet. The small quantities being traded these weeks are unsold stocks from last year. Prices have remained unchanged compared to March 2019.