Following from last week’s positive lead, prices strengthened across the board on Wednesday and followed with a more stabilising market on Thursday. There was no doubt that the confidence shown in the auction room on Wednesday was much greater than we’ve seen in recent months and this was a welcome sign. As the AUD strengthened against the USD overnight Wednesday, there was a little more caution shown on Thursday but prices settled to be around about the same level on average. The better type and specification types were a little dearer and the average strength Chinese qualities a little irregular and cheaper. Fremantle opened cheaper than the east on Thursday but it was noted that the market improved towards the close of sale in that centre. Crossbred and carding types were event more keenly sought after than the merino combing types.

AWEX Eastern Indicator compared with 25/10/2019

Eastern Indicator

Close: 1594

Change in % +3.17

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Authentico Index Values

15 Micron

Close: 2526

Change in %: +4.21

16 Micron

Close: 2281

Change in %: +3.40

17 Micron

Close: 2138

Change in %: +2.59

18 Micron

Close: 2049

Change in %: +1.59

19 Micron

Close: 1982

Change in %: +1.48

Authentico Indicator

Close: 2163

Change in %: +2.46


If the current market trend continues, in the next few weeks we’ll slowly but surely shift some of the grower held wool onto the market. The availability of wool over the next four weeks is currently forecast to be greater than the same period last year. It has been an orderly approach to marketing this year despite the extreme volatility in price. On the occasion of dramatic falls, we’ve seen up to 50% of the fleece wool offered for sale being passed in. Likewise, when we have expected a better market, we haven’t seen a huge volume of held bales flood the auction. We are constantly encouraged by the greater communication between buyers and sellers these days and a maturing supply chain as a result. Let’s hope that this sensible approach continues towards Christmas. A less volatile market over a sustained period will add some much-needed confidence.

Auction offering – current week

Selling Centres for week 18

Market          Sale          Offered             Sold       Passed In

North                      S 18                      8946                        8561                  4.3%

South                     M 18                     17958                       17139                 4.6%

West                       F 18                       8396                        7308                 13.0%

Auction offering – next week

Market          Sale          Sale days          Volume

North                      S 19                       W-T                            9515

South                      M 19                      W-T                          18386

West                        F 19                       W-T                           8596


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