What seemed to be a small wave of enthusiasm on day 1 of the auction this week, soon disappeared on day 2. Only shining light was high quality certified wool which remained firm. Small amount of trading occurred throughout the week with China and India, however not quite enough to keep up the momentum. Currency fluctuations also affected the market whilst traders tried to cover contracts. A smaller volume tried to assist the market without W.A. selling, but this did not happen.

AWEX Eastern Indicator compared with 02/06/23

Eastern Indicator

Close: 1208

Change in % -0.01

Authentico Index Values

15 Micron

Close: 3855

Change in %: +1.50

16 Micron

Close: 2678

Change in %: +2.20

17 Micron

Close: 2285

Change in %: -2.70

18 Micron

Close: 1957

Change in %: -1.90

19 Micron

Close: 1671

Change in %: -1.90

Authentico Indicator

Close: 2361

Change in %: -0.70


Caution and pessimism have crept back into the market as we return to a 45,000 bale sale week nationally. The fundamentals have not changed, however attitude toward the market may have. It appears that we are set for a few weeks of small peaks and troughs as selection style and volume play their role in shaping the market.

Auction offering – current week

MarketSaleOfferedSoldPassed In
NorthS 49 1143110191 10.8%
SouthM 49 2200418848 14.3%
WestF 49 No Sale

Auction offering – next week

Sale days
NorthS 50 W / T 11902
SouthM 50 W / T 21461
WestF 50 W / T 11962

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