Market reasonably firm.


South Island only offering 8,000 bales today.  The selection consisted of 40% good/average colour ewe fleece, 34.0 to 38.0 micron, 30% good/average colour second shears and hoggets, 31.0 to 38.0 micron with the balance consisting of associated fleece, shears, lamb fleece and oddments, mostly average colour  This week’s auction prices moved within a small price range with the pressure easing slightly on the better colour fleeces with a drop of 2%.  The offering of shears and hoggets remained very firm throughout the day.  The only notable rise in price was the poorer colour fleeces finishing up 2% having started out the day slightly neglected.  Crossbred oddments lifted also to finish up 5%.  China and Europe were the main competitors with good support from the Australasian  carpet mills.

Fleece Wools

Better colour fleece down 2%.

Hogget fleece firm.

Poorer colour up 2%.

Second Shears

Good/Average colour shears firm.


All descriptions up to 5% dearer.


20% Passed In.

Next Auction

North Island offering 7,000 bales on 18 June 2020