Eastern Australian Market Report

Published February 7, 2019 by Tim Marwedel

Market dearer. Focus on fine micron wool in a reasonable size offering.

  • Comment

    Italian interests keen. All good descriptions 15.5 / 18.0 micron were very keenly sought after.

  • Fleece

  • Best lots 18.0 micron and finer 2% dearer, selected lots were extreme.

    Good specification 16.0 micron and finer 1% dearer.

    Good 16.5 / 19.5 micron fully firm.

    All 20.0 / 21.5 micron 1% dearer.

    Fine tender fleece <18.0 micron 2% dearer. [/av_catalogue_item] [av_catalogue_item title='Skirtings' price='' id='' link='' target='' av_uid='av-4dzg4n'] Fully firm [/av_catalogue_item] [av_catalogue_item title='Open top' price='' id='' link='' target='' av_uid='av-355pzr'] 14.5 micron 3% dearer Others with better length 1% dearer, average length fully firm. [/av_catalogue_item] [/av_catalogue] [/av_one_full]