September – October 2018

Cashmere Market Report

Published November 12th, 2018 by Marco Spina


The price and production of cashmere remained relatively stable over September and October. Limited availability of raw material supported high prices which we have seen during the last 3 months, and left the market quiet.


The Mongolian cashmere market is pretty stable, without big businesses going on from the main players.
In the first 10 months of 2018 around 8,200 tons of greasy cashmere have been exported. For export, this breaks down into 5,000 tons of scoured cashmere (equivalent to 7,500 tons of greasy) and 390 tons of dehaired cashmere (equivalent to 780 tons of greasy).

Main importers of dehaired cashmere have been so far:
– Italy: 330 tons
– England: 50 tons
– India: 5 tons
– Japan: 1.5 tons
– Other countries: 3.5 tons
Based on Chinese traders forecasts, prices of cashmere for next season will be as high or even higher, mainly because of a strong decrease in livestock.


The market is unchanged price-wise but quantity and quality of an available material is lower than September. What is offered at the moment is mainly short producing tannery material.