Australian Weekly Market Report

Published January 17, 2019 by Tim Marwedel


With 51,000 bales on offer and according to AWEX, the largest sale since April last year, most would have anticipated a softening trend this week. While there were some irregular movements in the various micron categories, the overall market trend was very positive. The crossbred sector again outperformed the merino types. The MPG’s are not a clear indication of the market strength for the better specification types. For example, the MPG’s for 17.0 micron were down in both Sydney and Melbourne but our market quotes for good 17.0 micron were very firm, tending dearer for the better lots. The MPG’s tend to be influenced a little by what is on offer and the general selection has deteriorated at an alarming rate in our opinion. Yields appear lower, length’s shorter and staple strengths lower, all as a result of the very concerning continuation of drought conditions and extraordinarily hot temperatures being felt across Australia. Overall $101,000,000 worth of wool was purchased by the trade.

AWEX Eastern Indicator compared with 10/01/2019

Eastern Indicator

Close: 1923

Change in %: +0.68%

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Schneider Indicators compared with 10/01/2019

15 Micron (*)

Close: 2,739

Change in %: -0.69

16 Micron

Close: 2,571

Change in %: +0.51

17 Micron

Close:  2,419

Change in %: +2.32%

18 Micron

Close: 2,326

Change in %: +0.04

19 Micron

Close: 2,212

Change in %: +0.14

Each indicator is expressed by a number representing a market quotation for a selected range of types and is not a price expression and it’s not influenced by currency fluctuations.

Wool indicators are anyway based on Australian Dollar.

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It was a strong performance for the market in a large offering and with 20% less wool available for sale next week, we would expect a relatively stable, tending stronger market trend to continue.

Auction offering – current week

Selling Centres for week 29

Market          Sale          Offered          Sold          Passed In

North                    S 29                13970                   13279                 4.9%

South                   M 29                26989                   25315                6.2%

West                     F 29                10744                    9633                 10.3%

Auction offering – next week

Market          Sale          Sale days          Volume

North                   S 30                 W-T                             9787

South                   M 30                W-T                            22502

West                    F 30                  W-T                            9214

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