The Schneider Group appoints Willy Gallia as First Chief Sustainability Officer

New position created as part of the group’s sustainability strategy

The Schneider Group, a global wool, cashmere, and other premium natural fibres processor, has appointed Willy Gallia as the company’s first Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), effective as of 1 September 2020.

‘More than ever, sustainability is a key element interwoven into the DNA of the Schneider Group’, explains CEO Giovanni Schneider. ‘The environmental and social challenges the world faces today such as climate change, microplastic pollution, or desertification is a reality we as a society can no longer ignore nor tolerate. As a business, we, therefore, committed ourselves to take action and align our business goals with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.’

Based on this SDG alignment, the Schneider Group launched its Sustainability Strategy 2030 earlier this year. ‘We have set ourselves challenging goals. Creating a CSO position is therefore a logical step that confirms our commitment and enables us to reach our goals’, explains Managing Director, Jeffrey Losekoot.

Willy Gallia already joined the Schneider Group as Sustainability Manager in the Biella office one year ago. He is, however, not new to the business as he already worked for the company’s Argentinian wool business Fuhrmann Argentina for 15 years. In his role, Willy Gallia is responsible for implementing the sustainability strategy throughout the group. He also oversees the Authentico Integrity Scheme, Life Cycle Assessment work, and stakeholder outreach.

The Schneider Group’s sustainability efforts are in line with the general textile and fashion industry’s push towards a more transparent, traceable, and sustainable supply chain. Many well-known fashion brands and retailers have set similar SDG related goals. Progress, however, can only be made and ambitious goals achieved if the entire textile fibre supply chain is equally committed. This is also why The Schneider Group launched its Authentico Integrity Scheme in 2018 as it enables the wool and cashmere supply chain to work jointly on pressing sustainability issues from farm to retail.