GOTS certified organic mulesing free wool from the wilderness of Patagonia

While wool is already one of the best natural and sustainable fibres in the world, we are taking things a few steps further. Under the umbrella of our local company Fuhrmann, we are growing and processing organic wool in Patagonia, Argentina.

With Fuhrmann we can help our customers create sustainable organic products in the most straight forward way. Fuhrmann’s location in the south of Argentina has a key role to play in this context. The sanitary conditions in Patagonia are ideal to grow non-mulesed organic wool. The cold and dry weather of Patagonia (where most wool is produced in Argentina), makes it a fly and pesticide free environment of extensive wool production.

To ensure high standards for our customers, Fuhrmann manages over a dozen organic certified sheep farms with over 200.000 sheep. This is a key milestone in tracing wool easily from farm to shop through The Schneider Group supply chain. In addition, Fuhrmann works closely together with other Patagonian sheep farmers to source only the best wool.

All wool grown and sourced by Fuhrmann is processed in the combing mill in Trelew, Argentina under the GOTS organic wool standard. No matter if the wool comes from an organic or a conventional farm only GOTS approved products are used for the washing and combing process.

Up to the point when the organic, mulesing-free wool tops leave Argentina they have a very low environmental footprint and can be fully traced back to the farm.

Organic wool offered to you through the Schneider Group helps you create wool products that need this type of high level transparency, traceability and environmental stewardship.

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