Wool Levy Discussion in Australia 2018 Authentico

Open letter addressed to the Australian Wool Growers regarding AWI’s upcoming levy vote

During a period of high wool prices more wool marketing is needed

Dear Australian Wool Growers,

During the last few weeks, I have been reading in the Australian rural media about the controversy among woolgrowers regarding the AWI levy.  A levy to fund AWI’s on- and off-farm R&D as well as marketing investments for the next three years.

I’m really surprised that a few groups of woolgrowers are supporting a reduction of the levy to 1,5%.

A levy of only 1,5% would have, in my opinion, negative consequences in the long term.

We all must acknowledge that thanks to the effective global marketing strategy of the Woolmark Company, wool is now globally regarded as cool and trendy, in addition to being again an important driver in the sportswear market.

We must also consider that the high level of raw wool prices has finally been reflected at retail with higher retail prices (around +20%). This means in return that we now need even more marketing to support these increasing prices at the consumer level.

As an international early-stage processor, the Schneider Group promotes and sells wool, especially Australian wool, every day to spinners, weavers, brands and retailers. However, our efforts need the strong and effective support that The Woolmark Company can provide. Other textile fibres continue to shout their messages and it is important that our positive message for wool can be heard as well in today’s noisy world.

For the future of our wonderful fibre, I would recommend all woolgrowers to think about this and keep voting for a 2% levy.

My best regards,

Giovanni Schneider