Carbon Neutral Wool

Finding a name for our Strategy 2030


Dear Schneider Group Family and Friends,

As you are aware, each and every one of us is helping to shape the future of The Schneider Group. Many of you have contributed with insights, experience, and ideas to the development of the Strategy 2030. This strategy will help us become a sustainable climate-positive company that is well-positioned for the future to come.

While we have our strategy 2030 already defined, we are still looking for a good name and are asking you for help to find the perfect name. On this page, you are invited to submit your name suggestions.

We are looking for a name that is motivating and that represents what we want to achieve with our Strategy 2030. The name should in some way or the other reflect concepts such as partnership, Authentico, future, accountability, trust, transparency, traceability, green, blue, wool, cashmere, fibres, people, teams, teamwork, textiles, slow fashion, nature, balance, global warming, animal welfare, etc.

To give you an example of a campaign name, the strategy of the organisation Textile Exchange is called Climate+.

If you have any questions you can contact Willy Gallia at and he will be happy to talk to you.

Please submit your ideas by 31 July 2020. We will then review all submissions, create a short list that will be submitted for voting to all of you during the month of August.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your suggestions. We look forward to your ideas.

Elena, Giovanni and Jeffrey