G Schneider Australia

Marzotto acquires share in G.Schneider Australia and Schneider New Zealand

The premium Italian worsted weaving company Marzotto Wool Manufacturing established a greater alliance with the wool supply chain starting right at the source of production. The company has invested in the Schneider Group wool buying operations based in Australia and New Zealand.

On 6 November 2018, the board of G. Schneider Australia approved the sale of a 25% share to the Italian based Marzotto Wool Manufacturing company. G. Schneider Australia is the buying and exporting operation of the Schneider Group, a global top maker with mills in Italy, Egypt, China and Argentina. In addition, Marzotto will acquire a 25% share of Schneider New Zealand.

Marzotto Wool Manufacturing is part of Marzotto Group, one of the largest wool weavers in the world, founded over 180 years ago in Valdagno (Italy). Marzotto includes other important brands such as Marlane, Tallia di Delfino, Guabello and Estethia G.B.Conte.

‘At Marzotto we wanted to create an integrated supply chain from farm to fabric. The Schneider Group has a traceable supply chain through their own combing mills. By joining forces with G. Schneider Australia we can make our supply chain more transparent and offer a fully traceable and sustainable product to our brand and retail clients’, explains Davide Favrin, CEO of the Marzotto Group.

Giorgio Todesco, CEO of the Marzotto Wool Manufacturing company adds that ‘linking closely with the wool grower will enable Marzotto to have better control over wool quality. Combining quality, full traceability and especially sustainability will give us a competitive advantage. Through this cooperation, we intend to strengthen our supply chain in Australia and New Zealand improving the cooperation with wool growers, brokers and all our existing wool suppliers.’

At the same time, traceability and transparency are not only about tracing wool down the supply chain but also about improving communications with different stakeholders. ‘Connecting all players of the wool supply chain and applying modern technology improves the communication from growers to retailers to consumers and back’, says Jeffrey Losekoot, Managing Director of G.Schneider S.A.

Schneider has been investing in this area over the past few years. Having Marzotto on board is part of the strategy to forge a strong leadership in the fine wool market based on values that are relevant to both companies.

Giovanni Schneider explains that ‘the Marzotto and Schneider families have a long relationship dating back more than 100 years when my great-grandfather moved from France to Italy to work for Marzotto’.

‘The two companies are already partners in wool-combing facilities in Italy and Egypt and this made the transaction a natural and strategic progression’ says Mr Andrea Carenzi, CFO of the Schneider Group and Director of G. Schneider Australia.

‘The Marzotto and G Schneider partnership is a very positive outcome for Australian Wool Growers as both will invest in long-term relationships,’ explains Tim Marwedel, Managing Director of G. Schneider Australia. We have an extensive client base in Europe, Asia and South America and this new co-operation will only improve our leadership in the fine wool business to benefit all our customers and importantly our grower suppliers.’

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