April 2018

Cashmere Market Report

Posted on: May 07th 2018


Domestic market is still active in China. Some early greasy cashmere is already available in the grassland and the starting price is some 20% higher than last season. So cashmere price will remain high in the foreseeable future.


Usually after one month from the beginning of the season prices of greasy cashmere tend to drop of 30/40 % together with the decreasing of quality and yield. This year instead the prices are not facing any reduction, but on the contrary they keep increasing slightly.

During April about 1000 tons of scoured cashmere (corresponding to 1400 tons of greasy) have been exported to China.


Unlike previous years, this time market is quite quiet. The reason is the uncertainty created by recent regulations of currency announced by the government at the beginning of April. Atmosphere surrounding the currency value of export is still unclear and based on different interpretations, finished value of Iranian cashmere will be either around $72-75 or $82-85. For this reason, major buyers are not buying big lots and manufacturers only buy enough to run their mills. Even in spite of this, some Chinese buyers are buying, scouring and then exporting to China.