Cashmere Market Report

Posted on: December 07th 2017


Market is still quite active in China. Prices are stable at a relatively high level. There has been a price rise of about 10% for the longer types and about 20% for the medium-length types. No sign shows that prices will drop in the near future.


Market in Mongolia has been very quiet, because of lack of dehaired cashmere.

Mongolia exported an overall amount of 9 million kgs of greasy cashmere:

- Around 5,5 mln kg of scoured cashmere (8 mln in greasy), mostly exported to China.

- Around 0,5 mln kg of dehaired cashmere (1 mln in greasy) exported mainly to Italy (450 tons) and then China, England, Germany and India in lower quantities.


Prices compared to August have risen around 20% for white and 15% for dark. In actual local money terms increase is higher, 25% for white and 20% for dark but local money depreciation has softened the increase a bit.

After buying a lot of white, the Chinese have now concentrated more on buying dark.