Introducing the Authentico Index Values and Authentico Indicator

With the opening of the new wool season 2019/20, the Schneider Group is launching its new Index Values. The new so-called Authentico Index Values and Authentico Indicator will better reflect the current market demands and supply chain requirements.

At the Schneider Group, we decided to review the Schneider Market Indicator in order to provide market information that is reflective of our business which is constantly evolving.

The Authentico Index values and the Authentico Indicator consider only wool from farms who no longer mules and those who meet our Authentico Quality Scheme standards. The average indicators are derived from good performing fleece wool but include not only the very best lots but also a range of good performing top-making types that reflect our full range of client requirements. These new values and indicator are different from the previous Schneider index’s which included wool types that are no longer relevant to our client requirements and weren’t specific with regards to the welfare, sustainability and quality.

Like any index, the Authentico indicators are derived from a pool of types and do not reflect any specific wool type.

We have changed to this new system because we now have sufficient grower supply and we are extremely pleased with the level of interest in our quality and traceability scheme. These new indicators are a result of this high level of interest in Authentico and the types included in the indexes are reflective of the demand from our clients.

We are pleased to launch the first range of indexes and an indicator which are based on the best land, environmental, animal and human resource practices with a strong focus on wool quality.

The new Authentico Index Values and Authentico Indicator will be published for the first time within the Australian Weekly Market Report on Thursday 22nd August 2019 and will be also published here.