BitNautic Collaboration

The Schneider Group is joining a new collaboration with BitNautic to help develop the future of shipping logistics

Without shipping there would be no international wool industry in general and no wool and natural fibre supply for the processing mills of The Schneider Group and our customers in particular. With this in mind, we value the importance of a well-functioning and efficient shipping industry highly. It is therefore with great pleasure that the Schneider Group has the opportunity to join collaboration with BitNautic, the shipping platform of the Web 3.0.

Revolutionising the shipping industry

BitNautic is a new start-up company destined to transform the global shipping industry with a decentralised platform that connects producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers and exporters. The platform uses blockchain technology to match demand and supply of shipping services and guarantee traceability and transparency.

At the Schneider Group we believe that BitNautic will start an exciting new chapter for the shipping and wool industry. With our many years of experience in wool exports, imports and logistics, we look forward to contributing to the development of the platform. This will help ensure that the platform is also flexible enough to provide for the particular needs of the wool industry.

Automatic and easy traceability

BitNautic could not have started its work at a more relevant time for wool. More and more consumers, retailers and brands want to know the full story about the products they buy. To meet this demand and interest, wool industry companies like the Schneider Group therefore work hard to ensure full traceability along the very long and complex supply chain. New and uprising technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence deliver solutions that can make full traceability economically viable and trustworthy. Companies such as BitNautic are therefore valuable supply chain partners of the future.

Shipping – the backbone of the wool industry

When looking into the future of shipping it is important to also acknowledge the history. Without the ships that took the first merino sheep to Australia and shortly after bringing wool bales back to Europe, there would be no international wool industry. Ever since the wool industry relies heavily on the shipping logistics industry in order to grow fine merino wool in the best suitable countries of the Southern hemisphere and manufacture wool products around the globe.

The importance of shipping also becomes apparent when looking at the history and the business of the Schneider Group. After the first world war, Giovanni Schneider sailed to Australia to start his wool trading business in 1922. Over the years our family company started exporting greasy wool not only from Australia but also from New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina to its own wool processing plants across different continents. Every day wool and cashmere tops make its way to our customers by ship from Italy, Egypt, China and Argentina.

With this in mind, investing time and energy into the development of the future of the shipping industry makes absolute sense for our business.

Collaboration between partners

First meetings between BitNautic and the Schneider Group already resulted in better understanding of our industry’s logistical requirements as well as the development of new ideas on how to improve the BitNautic platform. The collaboration will help evolve the customer experience and ensure a seamless experience for the user in the platform from warehouse to destination.

About BitNautic

Based in Lugano, BitNautic is a single platform, capable of holding together all the major players of the shipping market: carriers, shippers, producers, buyers. Based on the blockchain, it is a completely transparent network, where ship owners can list their ships, update their location in real time, and cargo owners can find the best routes for their shipments, and at the best price. At the same time this allows them to forge new business relationships, extending their network and bringing new customers to their business.

For more information visit the BitNautic website.

Published June 15, 2018 by Riccardo Quercia