Australian woolgrowers meet with The Schneider Group team to discuss market demands

A direct dialogue is the way forward

On 9 and 11 November 2019, Australian woolgrowers meet with staff members of the Schneider Group in Goulburn and Launceston to connect and to have an open dialogue about the wool market demand. Both events were held under the umbrella of the Schneider Group`s own integrity scheme Authentico.

At both events, Managing Director of G. Schneider Australia, Tim Marwedel, as well as the G. Schneider CEO, Jeffrey Losekoot, gave an introduction to the Schneider Group’s profile and global activities including its strategic commitment to creating a sustainable and traceable wool supply chain.

Tim Marwedel provided an overview of the Authentico integrity scheme to which over 450 Australian and New Zealand wool growers have already signed up. Only recently Authentico reviewed its scheme to only accept NM and CM declared wool. Jeffrey Losekoot explained to growers during the event, that the changes of the Authentico requirements were necessary as the demand from retail has shifted even more towards non-mulesing wool only. More and more retailers define their own sourcing policy with set goals to source NM wool only by a certain date. This stronger shift to NM wool also brings along a higher demand for traceability and sustainability in general, Mr. Losekoot explained further. The discussions after presentations had finished, circled especially around mulesing to better understand the nuances the brands and retailers are concerned about.

‘In order for the whole wool supply chain to have a future, it is vital for early-stage processors like the Schneider Group, to have a direct dialogue with woolgrowers across the country. Only through an open dialogue we can create a better understanding at both ends of the supply chain and find solutions jointly in order to meet the demand of the market.’ Mr. Losekoot summarised.
‘We write market reports, we publish regularly on our blog and post on social media in order to spread market information as best as we can, but at the end of the day, a good direct conversation is the best value we can get and hopefully we can also give to growers’, Mr. Marwedel described the group’s motivation behind meeting with growers.

Participating wool growers were an outstanding group of compassionate and highly educated professionals running big businesses. The health and wellbeing of their animals and the environment in which they live are essential for their business and future family generations. Many are at least 3rd generation wool growers, some up to 6th or 7th generation. The Schneider Group itself is a family business in 3rd generation and was founded in Sydney in 1922. This is why the Schneider Group appreciates the hard work wool growers are investing every day. A closer collaboration through the Authentico integrity scheme can help ensure a sustainable future for the generations to come. Participating wool growers expressed a high interest and motivation in better understanding who is buying their wool and where their wool ends up in the market.

At the event in Launceston, another announcement was made, as Wool Broker Roberts recognised the Schneider Group including the Authentico scheme as their preferred privileged partner for their new Natural Tasmanian Wool initiative.

Jeffrey Losekoot - CEO at G. Schneider

Jeffrey Losekoot – CEO at G. Schneider

Tim Marwedel - Managing Director at G. Schneider Australia

Tim Marwedel – Managing Director at G. Schneider Australia