Pre- and post-operative pain relief required

The Schneider Group Authentico Integrity Scheme has updated its requirements in case of mulesing status PR. Since September 2019, Authentico requires pre- and post-operative pain relief to be eligible for registration.

The Authentico team is constantly reviewing what is the best welfare outcome for the sheep that are being mulesed. A report in the AWI June 2018 edition of Beyond the Bale headed “Research co-funded by AWI has shown that using a combination of the Tri-Solfen® and Buccalgesic® pain relief products provides more prolonged relief from mulesing than using each of the products on its own.” This finding is supported by CSIRO research undertaken in Armidale, NSW, by Dr. Alison Small, Principal Research Scientist, Animal Behaviour and Welfare Team. This research is not limited to Buccalgesic only but also other Meloxicam products like Metacam 20. At a recent event in Dubbo, each of the pharmaceutical companies supported and acknowledged this fact, that their products are most beneficial when used in conjunction with the other.

With the start of the Authentico Integrity Scheme at the beginning of 2018, registered Authentico growers were asked as a minimum to use a Meloxicam product, with or without TriSolfen in the case of mulesing. This science-based evidence provided by the CSIRO indicates that the best practice is to use a Meloxicam product (Buccalgesic or Metacam20) in conjunction with TriSofen. The Schneider Group has therefore decided to update the certification requirement of Authentico to reflect this.

Many Authentico registered woolgrowers are already following this practice and have been contacted by the Authentico team to update their records accordingly. Where pre- and post-operative pain relief is not yet being applied, the Authentico team will work together with growers to work towards this solution. In any case, this change affects only a small number of growers as 95% of all Authentico registered wool growers have either ceased mulesing or are already working a non-mulesed operation.

The Schneider Group also notes the recent development that has resulted in Sustainawool now in the hands of AWEX. We acknowledge that this is a direct result of the growing interest in animal welfare and traceability within the supply chain. This justifies our investment in Authentico and we will continue to grow Authentico ensuring even greater relevance of this brand within the supply chain. Authentico is here to stay and will be developed further using our own combing mills to ensure full traceability of your wool to our clients.

Growers and brokers who have any further questions or concerns are invited to contact the Authentico team at the Schneider Group office in Sydney.


Image by Chantel McAllister