James Nadin

James Nadin

When did you join the GSchneider team?

I joined the team in May, 2017.

What interested you in the job description?

It took me by surprise a fair bit as I had never heard of a wool buyer or what the job originally entitled. Coming from a sheep and wool background I was immediately interested in the job. I think it struck me specifically as an old-fashioned sort of job where agriculture meets the city.

What aspect of the company was important to you when you decided to join the GSchneider team?

In my interview with Tim, he explained that it was a very ‘family’ orientated company, which I thought was a great quality, and that many people in the company had been working together for years. I guess to a degree that I liked that it was professional, which I could tell by my impression of the St Leonards office and the way the meeting was conducted.

What was your impression of the job and the company on your first day?

It was a little confusing at first but interesting at the same time. I could tell once I saw all the computer programs and their detail that it was a complex job on and off the show floor. I think I also realised that all wool can be used for something, as I was originally surprised at Skirtings and Crossbreds being ‘good types’.

What is your impression of the job and the company today?

After a year and a half experience, I understand everything a lot better in terms of valuing wool and what happens further along the supply chain. The job continues to challenge me as the industry keeps changing and I need to continue being involved in more sides of the business. I see that the company is very professional and willing to ‘move with the times’ as the industry keeps changing, to keep competing.

What was the biggest learning you had so far?

I think valuing of the wool is the aspect of the job that I have learnt most about since starting here. There is always more ways to improve though. The countless practice has helped me to see more clearly the types of wool we want to buy, how to blend them and different ways to go about it according to the weekly plan.

Which aspect or activity of your job do you enjoy most?

I really enjoy the saleroom, where it’s almost a personal challenge to keep getting better at averaging orders together and picking up on other buyers’ habits etc. It moves very quickly which I keep adjusting to when we are very busy, but when organised it’s exciting to do everything at that pace.

How does your experience of growing up on a sheep farm help you today?

It definitely assisted me in the beginning as I already had a knowledge of wool, where it came from, and how it worked etc. In terms of today, while I always revert back to my knowledge of wool growing up, it also assists me to use the mindset of a grower when trying to also think in a buyer’s frame of mind. I find this helpful knowing both sides of the production chain because I can relate to both sides when making decisions and communicating with people.

Were you able to bring some change or pose some suggestions for improvement to the team? If yes, what were these?

I think my time at school and university definitely have helped my computer skills as well as other technology. Similar to the previous question, I think coming from a farming background has helped me to contribute to discussions about growers and agricultural aspects etc. Hopefully in the future with more experience I will be able to pose more suggestions and continue improving for myself and for the team.