Cashmere Authentico Mongolian Cashmere Grower

The Schneider Group introduces new integrity scheme Cashmere Authentico

Cashmere Authentico stands for high-quality cashmere, traceable all the way from the Mongolian wild steppe to the Schneider Group dehairing plant in Ulaanbaatar delivered to customers’ textile manufacturing facilities.

During the busy textile month of September 2018, The Schneider Group launched its new integrity scheme Cashmere Authentico. Cashmere Authentico is cashmere fibres sourced from a limited number of nomad families in Mongolia. These families only graze a small flock of cashmere goats in a region of the Mongolian steppe with healthy and intact grasslands.

Full traceability

A team of cashmere experts from the Schneider Group buys the cashmere directly from the families through pre-selection of the material. From there the fibre gets transported directly to The Schneider Group dehairing plant Monital in Ulaanbaatar. Once the cashmere arrives at the plant, the fibre gets sorted by colour, quality and fineness. Afterwards, the precious fibres are washed, dehaired and tested for export. All along the supply chain the cashmere is tracked and can therefore always be traced back to its origin.

CEO of The Schneider Group, Giovanni Schneider, explains “At the Schneider Group we have the goal to offer our customers traceable and transparent supply chains for the natural fibres we offer. We do this through our Authentico Integrity Scheme. We have started Authentico with wool and have now expanded our portfolio to Authentico Cashmere grown and processed in Mongolia.”

Transparent supply chain

Traceable and transparent textile fibre supply chains are important in modern textile manufacturing. At the same time, natural fibre supply chains are long and complex, not to mention the cultural and economic layers intertwined with fibre production. This is especially true for Mongolian cashmere. For over 20 years, the Schneider Group has been operating its own cashmere dehairing plant in Ulaanbaatar. Buyanaa Damdin, Managing Director of the Monital plant explains further: “Being a local player in the Mongolian cashmere industry gives us the opportunity and as we find the obligation to undergo the challenge to trace cashmere from the Mongolian nomad families all the way to our processing plant. If we cannot offer our clients a transparent supply chain, who can?”

Direct relationships with cashmere growers

With the local Monital team of cashmere experts in Ulaanbaatar, the company was able to build up relationships with different nomad families to source high-quality cashmere directly for the Authentico program.

For cashmere to become part of the Authentico scheme, it needs to fulfil a set of requirements. These include that the fibre has been grown in areas of the Mongolian steppe which are not at risk of desertification. In addition, the nomad families need to ensure high animal welfare practices. The Schneider Group will only work with the families directly to ensure transparency. This also allows the company to pay premium prices to each grower family to ensure a sustainable livelihood. In addition, processing of the cashmere needs to comply with high standards. The Monital plant in Ulaanbaatar adheres to the highest industry standards of the European Union. This includes state of the art water treatment facilities and a continuous reduction of energy consumption.

Limited quantities

These requirements in return mean that Cashmere Authentico will only be available in small quantities as each family only supplies between 20-50 kg of cashmere fibre. Textile manufacturers interested in sourcing Cashmere Authentico for their products, can join the program and start becoming part of this very special relationship. A relationship connecting the cashmere growers of the Mongolian steppe with consumers of premium cashmere textiles.

Adding value

The Italian based spinning company i Cotoni di Albini, already joined the Cashmere Authentico supply chain. The President of the company, Daniele Arioldi, explains the company’s decision to join: ‘Being able to develop premium cashmere yarns which can be traced back from our spinning mill all the way to the nomad cashmere growers in Mongolian adds value to our customer’s products. This in return gives retail brands the unique opportunity to tell the full story of a product.’

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