Fremantle Market Report
April 27th 2017 Fremantle 1% dearer.
Finer microns most.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
April 27th 2017 The market reacted upwards in a much improved auction tone.
Fremantle Market Report
April 26th 2017 Fremantle follows Eastern markets
significantly down 3 to 4% but
improves towards close.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
April 26th 2017 Market easier with VM percentage playing a significant factor.
New Zealand Market Report
April 20th 2017 No fine wools on offer.
Fremantle Market Report
April 12th 2017 Fremantle follows Eastern states
upward. Very strong.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
April 12th 2017 The extraordinary market recovery continues.
Sydney and Melbourne Market Report
April 11th 2017 Market dearer for all descriptions
Fremantle Market Report
April 11th 2017 Fremantle 3 to 4% dearer.
Positive tone continues.

Fremantle Market Report
April 06th 2017 Fremantle reverses national trend.
Buyers confidence returns.
Australian Eastern Market report
April 06th 2017 Eastern markets try to steady.
Particularly on better types.
New Zealand Market Report
April 06th 2017 No merinos on offer.

Australian Weekly Market Report

Posted on: April 28th 2017

General Market Summary

With more than 52,000 bales offered this week, the market was expected to open cautiously following the dramatic rise the week prior to Easter and reports of more subdued interest. Most types and descriptions closed between 1 and 2% cheaper on Wednesday depending on the selling centre, the selection and the price point at which they started the day. What is exceptional is the manner in which the market is rebounding in such a large offering. Despite the record auction levels, large volume and the seeming reluctance of many customers to believe in the current market, prices rebounded immediately. This is not a normal historical market reaction. Something is vastly different with the economics of wool supply and demand at the moment. There are more wools being offered that appear to be less than 12 months growth with growers choosing to cash in on the current price levels. This will have some effect on supply as we move into the later part of 2017.

compared with 12/04/2017
Indicator Close Change%
EASTERN 1501 -0.73

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compared with12/04/2017
Indicator Close Change %
15 MICRON (*)
16 MICRON 2394 -2.17
17 MICRON 2228 -1.37
18 MICRON 2072 +0.48
19 MICRON 1774 -0.11
(*) Marketed from September to March

Each indicator is expressed by a number representing a market quotation for a selected range of types and is not a price expression and it's not influenced by currency fluctuations.

Wool indicators are anyway based on Australian Dollar.

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Auction quantities fall to around 40,000 bales weekly (20-25% less than this week) over each of the next few sales. The market focus is till on fine wool and in particular the better ones. Also attracting good competition are low VM fleece wools. A double skirt to keep average VM on the fleece wools might be a reasonable consideration for some growers if practical. Unskirted and poorly prepared wools are being neglected as buyers chase the necessary quality being demanded from our customers. They also tend to have more VM, something buyers and processors are having difficulty with at the moment.

Market Sale Offered Sold Passed-in
North S43 15540 14104 9.2%
South M43 24196 22295 7.9%
West F43 12453 10166 18.4%
Market Sale Selling Offering
NORTH S44 W/T 9220
SOUTH M44 W/T 22356
WEST F44 W/T 9209

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