Australian Weekly Market Report

Posted on: August 18th 2017

General Market Summary

Following on from the strength of last week’s auction, the market continued to rally. It was expected to remain positive but the extent of the price rise across all types and descriptions with the stronger Australian dollar against it, surprised most. Chinese interests dominated. According to the AWEX Weekly Report, the AWEX EMI is now at the highest recorded level. The strength of the EMI can be attributed to that fact that all types and descriptions gained considerably this week, even the crossbred sector which for months has remained in the doldrums. 21.0 micron rose nearly 6% for the week. We say it again, those with the wool can sell, those without the wool remain reluctant despite the record price levels. Only 2% of this week’s offering was passed in, another strong clearance rate leaving only those bales coming into store now available for sale. Growers held stocks are negligible. History is not being repeated, at least for the time being.

compared with 10/08/2017
Indicator Close Change%
EASTERN 1614 +4.13

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compared with10/08/2017
Indicator Close Change %
15 MICRON (*)
16 MICRON 2412 +3.65
17 MICRON 2256 +4.30
18 MICRON 2107 +4.67
19 MICRON 1833 +3.79
(*) Marketed from September to March

Each indicator is expressed by a number representing a market quotation for a selected range of types and is not a price expression and it's not influenced by currency fluctuations.

Wool indicators are anyway based on Australian Dollar.

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There is no sale in Fremantle next week resulting in a reduction of the national quantity to just below 37,000 bales. The South African market opened strongly on Tuesday and triggered the rise in Australia this week. There is no doubt that the better prepared wool's, those prepared in shed under the AWEX Code of Practice guidelines, are attracting considerably more competition at auction and we strongly encourage growers to follow best practice to maximise returns. It is our strong view that any reduction in standards can only lead to lower prices.

Market Sale Offered Sold Passed-in
North S07 14034 13780 1.8%
South M07 18744 18332 2.2%
West F07 6348 6230 1.9%
Market Sale Selling Offering
NORTH S08 W/T 13223
SOUTH M08 W/T 23665

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Fremantle Market Report
August 17th 2017 Fremantle market still remains upward 1% but not as pronounced as yesterday.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
August 17th 2017 Market firm despite continued volatility in the currency exchange rates.
New Zealand Market Report
August 17th 2017 Market continues to strengthen.
Fremantle Market Report
August 16th 2017 Fremantle market strongly upward today for all descriptions with a softer AUD.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
August 16th 2017 Market extreme, following South African lead. Australian dollar softens.
Fremantle Market Report
August 10th 2017 Fremantle follows Eastern states strong and upward with broader wools most affected.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
August 10th 2017 Best fine extreme. Italian weavers very keen.
New Zealand Market Report
August 10th 2017 Market strong in a limited selection.
Fremantle Market Report
August 09th 2017 Western Australian new season opens strong and dearer.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
August 09th 2017 Market strongly upward. Less than 1% of the merino fleece were passed in.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
August 08th 2017 The market opened generally very firm despite a large weekly offering and unfavourable currency movements since the close.
Fremantle Market Report
July 13th 2017 Fremantle also closes for winter recess on a firm note.