Australian Weekly Market Report

Posted on: June 23rd 2017

General Market Summary

Wool prices continued upward this week with just 22,000 bales offered and according to AWEX in their Weekly Market Report, it was the smallest merino fleece selection in over 8 years. The alarming point to this small volume is that it’s despite the 17.0 to 23.0 ‘Micron Price Guides’ (MPG’s) all being between the 96th and 100th percentile for price over the past five years. If the wool was available for sale, we’d expect more to be offered under these circumstances. Prices did start to settle late Thursday, in Melbourne only, but this was restricted to the more inferior types. As with any market movement, it’s the inferior wool's that are the most volatile. The better specification, better prepared woo'ls remain very keenly sought after and the Sydney sale was strong to the close as prices levelled between the selling centres.

compared with 15/06/2017
Indicator Close Change%
EASTERN 1533 +1.79

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compared with15/06/2017
Indicator Close Change %
15 MICRON (*)
16 MICRON 2313 +5.28
17 MICRON 2140 +0.85
18 MICRON 1990 +0.15
19 MICRON 1769 +2.67
(*) Marketed from September to March

Each indicator is expressed by a number representing a market quotation for a selected range of types and is not a price expression and it's not influenced by currency fluctuations.

Wool indicators are anyway based on Australian Dollar.

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It has been expected that the first week in July, week 1 of the new season, would offer some relief to the small national quantity. This expected spike in volume is likely to be only marginal with an increase in the national offering next week taking some of the pressure off. The small and variable selection is creating some discrepancies in price between the markets. Melbourne was stronger than Sydney on Wednesday but this was more or less corrected on Thursday. Fremantle sales resume next week. The selection appears to be improving slowly as the impact of the excellent Spring in 2016 on the wool quality, and in particular the vegetable matter, starts to dissipate.

Market Sale Offered Sold Passed-in
North S51 9737 9182 5.7%
South M51 12561 11922 5.1%
West NO SALE %
Market Sale Selling Offering
NORTH S52 W/T 12117
SOUTH M52 W/T 17780
WEST F52 W/T 7096

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Fremantle Market Report
June 28th 2017 Fremantle eases 1% compared with
last Western sale 15th June.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
June 28th 2017 Best fine very keenly sought after. Italian interests dominated in a better offering.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
June 22nd 2017 Market dearer in a small volume and miscellaneous selection.
Fremantle Market Report
June 21st 2017 No Western Australian auction sale this week.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
June 21st 2017 Market strongly upward. Less than 10,000 bales were sold nationally today.
Fremantle Market Report
June 15th 2017 Fremantle strengthens Eastern
markets upward 2 to 3%.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
June 15th 2017 A supply squeeze continues to force market prices upward.
New Zealand Market Report
June 15th 2017 No merinos on offer this week.
Fremantle Market Report
June 14th 2017 Compared last Fremantle sale 1st June.
Broader wools much dearer.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
June 14th 2017 All descriptions dearer.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
June 08th 2017 A significantly improved market tone today. All descriptions dearer.
Sydney and Melbourne market report
June 07th 2017 Market easier but with some variables between the two centres due to the general volatility and small selection.