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Fuhrmann 1735 was established in Amsterdam in 1735 and it's the world's oldest wool trading company.
"Tradition", a word that evokes distant memories, treasured experiences, passion and the desire to achieve ambitious objectives.

It is perhaps just this combination that has made us at Schneider take an interest in this company, founded in 1735, when Holland was the crossroads for the important trading of raw materials from remote and mysterious countries.
The history of Fuhrmann 1735 fascinated us and its ancient origins persuaded us to continue to work together on a strategy that has many points in common with our own; demanding and complex, but also full of exciting challenges.

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EUR USD 1.2529
EUR AUD 1.4674
EUR JPY 147.2700
EUR GBP 0.7935
EUR NZD 1.5886
EUR CHF 1.2023
EUR CNY 7.6615
USD CNY 6.1354
AUD USD 0.8538
GBP USD 1.5791
NZD USD 0.7887
AUD NZD 1.0826
26/11/2014 17:00 (GMT+1)

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